Astaxanthin Research

Accommodation abstract Nanako

Accommodation abstract Nagaki

Accommodation and Asthenopia abstract Nagaki

Accommodation and Asthenopia abstract Shiratori

Accommodation and asthenopia dosage abstract Nitta

Accommodation loss from Age

Acuity and Accommodation abstract Nakamura

Anti Aging Study Yazaki 2011

Anti-inflammatory for eye condition uveitis abstract Ono

Anti-inflammatory Mechanism (Japanese study)

Anti-inflammatory Mechanism (Korean study)

Antioxidant study_800 tiems stronger than CoQ10

Antioxidant study—AX 550 times stronger than E—Shimidzu

Astaxanthin as Brain Food Liu 2009

AX superior to BC & CX for UVA study Camera 2008

AX Superior to other Carotenoids for UV

Carpal tunnel syndrome clinical publication

Cholesterol Human Study 2010

Dementia—Antioxidant Human Study 2011

Endurance and Visual Acuity abstract Sawaki

Endurance—Cycling 2011

Energy Mitochondira abstract 2009

Exercise mouse study

Exercise study translation Tajima

Exercise survey with 88% reporting improvement

Eye Accomodation—Takahashi translation

Eye anti-inflammatory abstract 2010

Eye Health human study  Saito 2008

Eye Lesion abstract Grangaud 1954

Eye Rat study Massonet 1965

Eye strain abstract Tsuneto

Eye study in rats 2010

Eye study in rats on uveitis 2003

Eye study in rats on uveitis 2006

Eye study on cataracts in salmon 2003

Human Cognitive Decline study Satoh 2009

Human eye study blood flow velocity 2011

Immune human clinical abstract—Park and Chew

Immune Study Park & Chew 2010

Immunity and tumor clinical

Intraocular pressure in rats study 2010

Ischemia rat study

Jyonouchi Cancer-Immunity Study 2000

Jyonouchi Immume Study 1996

Jyonouchi Immune Study 1991

Jyonouchi Immune Study 1993

Jyonouchi Immune Study 1994

Jyonouchi Immune Study 1995

LDL inhibition study Iwamoto 2000

Light induced  retinal damage paper 2013

Memory Hypertension stroke rat study

Miki abstract—AX 10X stronger than lutein BC zeaxanthin

Mitochondria antioxidant study in rats Kurashige 1990

Mitochondria study Wolf 2009

Muscle Damage anti-inflammatory immunity study soccer players Baralic 2015

Neural Stem Cell abstract 2010

Neuroprotecitve mechanism abstract 2010

Neuroprotection by mitochondria protection-astract-Liu 2009

Neuroprotective abstract 2010

Neuroprotective abstract in rats 2010

Neuroprotective Abstract—Liu 2009

Neuroprotective Alzheimer preventive 2010

Okai Immune Study

Oxidative stress in porcine lens

Recovery Study translation Nagata

Retinal blood flow abstract Nagaki Yasunori

Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical publication

Soccer Player Antioxidant Study

Strength and Endurance Swedish Cliniical 2008

UV mouse study—Savoure—1995

UV study—AX superior—Oconnor 1998

Visual Acuity and Endurance abstract Sawaki

Wrinkle-elasticity-moisture 4 mg clinical