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There are NAXA membership levels and affiliations for all budgets. All companies producing Astaxanthin derived from H. pluvialis are eligible for membership consideration. Retail brands selling Hp Astaxanthin are eligible to apply to be a part of the NAXA Seal Program. In addition, all member companies may have their logos with hyperlinks on the NAXA website. All brands in the NAXA Seal Program may have images of their bottles/packaging displayed with hyperlinks.

Executive Membership

Annual Contribution of US$25,000

  • Eligible to serve on the NAXA Board of Directors
  • Serve on advisory committees
  • Set the direction for NAXA: deciding its programs, studies the association will undertake, and choosing the location, time and date for the annual meeting
  • All customers are eligible to be part of the NAXA Verified Seal Program at no additional charge

Elite Membership

Annual Contribution of US$10,000

  • Approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board Members
  • Desire to further the education of the benefits of Natural Astaxanthin derived from H. pluvialis
  • May participate in one or more Executive Committees
  • May invite up to Three (3) customer brands to participate in the NAVP (NAXA’s Seal Program) with no additional fee; after 3, the fee is US$2,000 per product

Associate Membership

Annual Contribution of US$5,000

  • Approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board
  • Will receive regular educational and informational updates pertaining to Astaxanthin and related industry, discounts for registration for NAXA seminars, and an invitation to the annual meeting
  • Will pay US$2,000.00 per customer using the NAXA Seal as part of the NAVP (Paying for 3 or more customers will automatically be considered an Elite Member)

Special NAXA Verified Seal Program Membership

Retail brands using Hp Astaxanthin purchased from a manufacturer or distributor not affiliated with NAXA may still participate in the NAXA Verified Seal Program. NAXA will test and verify Hp Astaxanthin products and then enter into an agreement where the NAXA Seal may be used. Non-member fees for retail companies wishing to be included in the NAVP and use the Seal are US$2,000 per product per year. All products bearing the NAXA Seal are tested on an annual basis.

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