The Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association (NAXA) has chosen Ford Levine Sales Group, LLC, to lead the organization. Allen Levine, a partner in Ford Levine Sales Group, will serve as NAXA’s president.

“We are excited to begin work with NAXA’s board and membership to educate media, industry professionals, and consumers about the benefits of taking natural algae astaxanthin,” Levine said. “Both Marisa Ford and I take it every day, so we were already advocates for the products produced by NAXA members.”

NAXA is comprised of manufacturers, growers, and marketers of natural algae astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that has a long list of benefits including its ability to inhibit oxidative stress and inflammation. NAXA administers a testing and verification program (NAVP), and has a seal that is used on product labels in order to ensure that consumers are getting the natural algae astaxanthin they want.

“The Verification Program is a terrific and important part of NAXA. Consumers know to trust the product they are taking when they see the NAXA Seal on the label.” Levine continued.

While natural algae astaxanthin is the most effective and studied form of astaxanthin, an important aspect of NAXA’s work is to encourage and facilitate further study of the product.

Ford Levine Sales Group, LLC., serves as a sales and marketing consulting team for top and emerging natural products companies, with an emphasis on companies that have new product types, technologies, and scientific studies that support their lines.